The Harvard Little Method™ amalgamates critical brain architecture development with gifted track curriculum so that our children receive the best of both worlds in this Brain Age.

The Harvard Little Method™ integrates the best of neuroscience and international pedagogies to build the brain capacity to learn proficiently.

The Harvard Little Method™ is the ingenious fusion of both brain development and academic excellence.

Brain Architecture

The development of IQ + EQ + AQ + MQ + FQ in a child requires critical brain foundations to be well-developed. The strengthened neural networks are essential for efficient intelligence building so that quality curriculum content are grasped and understood easily.

Gifted Track Curriculum

Gifted education is not all about fast-tracking the young with materials meant for older children. Some misinterpret it as all about having superb memory.

Such practices show a lack of understanding towards neuroscience application in education or for gifted development: Flashing cards in front of a 6 month-old baby, learning drills of alphabet, numbers and phonics at 1 year old, making them spell and write at 2 years old, or prematurely exposing them to multimedia gadgets under 4 years old.

Memory is only one of the critical brain foundations in the brain architecture. The ability to memorise loads of information is impressive but it does not mean the child has what it takes for success.

It takes more than graphical memory or even academic degree to be the future young global leader, especially when vast amount of knowledge and information are easily accessible in today’s digital world.

Advisory: Below are some activities we will not be doing with your child just because they produce pleasing short term results that appeal to the adults.

These can be detrimental to brain and human development in the long term, when done prematurely and inappropriately. We will do these when they are developmentally-appropriate for your child.

× No flashcard drills × No phonics drills × No memorisation drills

× No multimedia gadgets × No ego boosting, just neuroscience & educational development

× No writing drills × No quick results but long term negative effects