Harvard Little NeuroGifted™ is a personalised educational programme that tailor-made its curriculum around your child’s unique needs, abilities and giftedness.

A qualitative setting of time-framed goals, coupled with corresponding criterion-referenced assessment benchmarks, it is specially designed to develop both academic and non-academic needs (i.e. social, behaviour, emotional development).

It is integrated with Harvard Little Neuro™ exercises to help supplement and strengthen brain functions such as attention, motor skills, sensory integration, memory and overall learning capabilities.

Such critical brain development and training is delivered in a one-on-one setting with your child receiving individualised attention.

The continual monitoring and evaluative process is furnished by learning logs, Individualised Developmental and Progress Profile (IDPP) Reports and collaborative home support activities.

NeuroGifted™ can be used to complement other programmes such as Harvard Little Babes, Tots, Kids and Brain School.  Besides, the various educators of the programmes enrolled come together to work in partnership to ensure that the child learning needs’ are covered effectively in all aspects.

Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment™ (DDA™) is an entry requirement. Prior appointment and prevailing charges for DDA™ are required.