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Learning should be engaging, with solid educational curriculum substance based on sound neuroscience and pedagogies, and facilitated only by passionate and caring professionals like us.

Not Every School Is The Same. Harvard Little Is Positively Different.

The Harvard Little MethodTM

A brain architecture development with gifted track curriculum


The Harvard Little Method™ amalgamates critical brain architecture development with gifted track curriculum so that our children receive the best of both worlds in this Brain Age.

The Harvard Little Method™ integrates the best of neuroscience and international pedagogies to build the brain capacity to learn proficiently.

The Harvard Little Method™ is the ingenious fusion of both brain development and academic excellence. Read More

Brain Architecture

The development of IQ + EQ + AQ + MQ + FQ in a child requires critical brain foundations to be well-developed. The strengthened neural networks are essential for efficient intelligence building so that quality curriculum content are grasped and understood easily. Read More

Gifted Track Curriculum

Gifted education is not all about fast-tracking the young with materials meant for older children. Some misinterpret it as all about having superb memory.

Such practices show a lack of understanding towards neuroscience application in education or for gifted development: Flashing cards in front of a 6 month-old baby, learning drills of alphabet, numbers and phonics at 1 year old, making them spell and write at 2 years old, or prematurely exposing them to multimedia gadgets under 4 years old.

Memory is only one of the critical brain foundations in the brain architecture. The ability to memorise loads of information is impressive but it does not mean the child has what it takes for success.

It takes more than graphical memory or even academic degree to be the future young global leader, especially when vast amount of knowledge and information are easily accessible in today’s digital world. Read More

The Harvard Little Child

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

-Mayer & Salovey,1997

Adversity Intelligence (AQ)

Adversity Intelligence is “the capacity of the person to deal with the adversities of his life. As such, it is the science of human resilience. 

– Dr. Paul Stoltz

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

A numerical score based on standardised tests which attempt to measure a person’s cognitive abilities in relation to their age group or on a standardised normal distribution. It is used to express the relative intelligence of a person (not absolute). It is an estimate of current performance but not a good indicator of future potential.

Moral Intelligence (MQ)

Moral Intelligence is the capacity to differentiate right from wrong and the competency to behave and act on our strong ethical convictions and universal principles. In the simplest terms, it is our moral compass.

Financial Intelligence (FQ)

Financial Intelligence refers to the ability to handle expenses and wealth that shape our financial future. The FQ aspects include how well we handle our spending habits, savings, loans, credit, budgeting, tax and investment.

The Harvard Little Curriculum

Harvard Little Genius Sciences™

Harvard Little Genius Sciences™

Science process skills, reasoning, observational, critical problem-solving and thinking skills through experiments and discovery about the world, to develop higher-order brain executive functions.

Harvard Little Mandarin™

Harvard Little Mandarin™

Bilingualism develops higher intelligence as brain is stimulated by detecting the differences in language structures, semantics, etc.

Piaget IQ Math Gifted™

Piaget IQ Math Gifted™

Strong analytical, visual-spatial skills and Math foundation through hands-on concrete activities and abstract learning. We convert Jean Piaget’s theory of development to effective learning strategy and curriculum.


Here’s what the parents have to say

Putting my son in the school had certainly been a right choice.  I did observe that my son had deeper understanding on many thing.  Example, he is able to describe the taste of food better and give example what other food taste the same.  Similarly, he can grasp the meaning for many new words better and applied them correctly.  His confident to learn and explore was also improving.  Well done Harvard Little.  For a student, that is always eager to go to school, say a lot on the school success.

Goshen’s Parents

We have been very impressed with Harvard Little and feel that we have made the right decision for our Mabel to attend. She is improving in all areas, and she loves to sing to us all the time. Thank you to all teachers.

Mabel Sam’s Parents

We feel that Harvard Little has excellent teachers and staff, friendly and understanding to our child’s needs. Min En has grown a lot more independent and helpful around the house, being able to listen to instructions and be proactive in maintaining her own toys. She has also shown more interest in Mandarin and can communicate sparingly in it. !

Min En’s Parents

We find the teachers in Harvard Little are passionate about their work, extremely patient. Conducted themselves professionally and are truly concern about the students’ progress and well-being. A rare team of educators! Keep up the good work. Raelynn loves going to school everyday.

Raelynn’s Parents

Good and safe environment for my child. Teachers are well-trained and the teacher try to understand my child better and advice how to improve his skill and behaviour. Overall, I am satisfied what my child has received the care and support from the HL pre-school.

Moe Aung’s Parents

We are very happy that Natalie is able to attend Harvard Little at a tender age of 2 years old. This has definitely boosted her learning ability and exposure to her “outside world”. The quality of teaching and guidance are great and the school is very clean. Due to your diligence in keeping the school premise clean, our daughter is seldom sick and absent from school. Definitely a gem in our neighbourhood!

Natalie’s Parents

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